Misora Nakamori



Tokyo-born currently Paris-based multi-disciplinary designer Misora Nakamori studied fashion at the Royal academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and she got her name known in public by one of the world fashion-icon Lady gaga when she appeared in media with her collection on. To pursue her raw spirits of craftsmanship and consolidate her creativity, she moved to London and, by experiments in different skills at many workshops such as metal work, wood, resin, laser and rapid forms, Misora established her sense of hybrid in the exquisite combination of technology and hand-made crafts.


This experience led her successful presentation of a multi-disciplinary collection that includes footwear and accessories all done by herself at her master degree in womenswear at RCA. Since she launched her brand in Paris, she has been working closely with a Japanese weaver, former Kimono textile producer, for her unique and challenging textile with their privileged Jacquard technique. Her mixed backbone accelerated her to communicate and suggest the state of individuals through her modern yet futuristic creation. The story behind her collections is rooted to her life time journey and involves followers in the modern generation.The application of varied materials represents the strong image of her world and delicate creativity with her sophisticated cuttings is always appreciated by the viewers. Her bold yet luxury design embrace fashion and other fields.