Our signature textile

Misora has been developing various textiles since the brand launched. One of the signature textiles is yarn-suspending jacquard.

once in an epoch for silk textile in Japan, followed by Nishijin-ori (Kyoto), Kiryu-ori (Gunma) although most producers are forced to leave their business today due to the shift of daily-wear to the western style. Misora is partnered up with them to develop her prestigious textile by using the authentic technique to suggest modern style.


Her philosophy extends in the textile design.


“Totality and the Wholeness”

First, I was inspired by the back side of an ancient jacquard fabric that has bunch of yarns suspending, which are to be cut away in the factory during the production process.
I found the most beautiful part of the textile on the side where are to be got rid of. The experiment started to design and guess how the reverse side of the fabric would perform on the development and I followed how it comes out at the point before it’s been cut off. 

We tend to see only a selected side of whole but the ultimate beauty can be concealed in behind  - Misora


This brings back to one of her answers to the subject “sustainability”.