Our vision

In the recent creations, the extended voice about asking the identity and the rights of individuals including genders, orientations, or social norms and definitions of “standards” roots in the concepts.

Aiming to search for diversity in personal identities, we understand nowadays the borders between cultures or races are blurred or unpleasantly framed. How we are dressed and how we present ourselves correspond to the statement of the person or a forced character in society. "Fashion and identity" has always inseparable relation. It conceives the idea through metaphorical approaches in artisanal techniques.


-We embrace the uniqueness 

 Our products are all handmade in the Parisian Atelier piece by piece 

Every piece is unique: we are all unique not identical to any of others.

One of the polyvalent techniques used in creation is hand-dye.

Hand dyed pieces of fabric come different in shades depending on the condition how they are treated, that includes the weather of the day. The nature is naughty sometimes but adorable. They are all different and always good match when they come in one like individuals. Moreover, the expression expands to merge hand painting to finalise each item in resent creation. The result of the hand-touch is always appreciated its warmth and distinguished by mass produced product.


-Experimentation in technique

Every series, we innovate and develop techniques from the former seasons. Like a person grows and get a depth in personalities by experiences, the series have stories that continues and deepens from our very first collection till now. Even we propose different styles for each season, our vision and the quest at core remain never vanished. We are preparing a channel to tell our "story behind" gradually in our platform. We appreciate to take a look and follow us!