Philosophy and Inspiration

The aim of the brand is not only presenting beautiful objects. We try to interact our aesthetics (ways of thinking) through physical creations and materiality. 



“It’s about the point of view”

-Question of the norm ‘how it should be”

-How much can we learn from what’s on the face? There are much more to tell in behind.

-Question of the state of beauty


Our mission 

The journey of our creation is about discoveries. We demonstrate the perception about raised subjects each series. We go away from the traditional way of “how it should be” by providing our approach.



The main inspirations for developing each collection are the objects that are abandoned or not attracted attention, in other words, ‘not-wanted” or "unnecessary". The core of my missions are always to give them the spotlights and ‘RE’present them in various manners to throw the audience continuous questions about the beauty, how our material world defines --- and how the waste overflow in other part of our world.


“Our world has many things unseen or ignored yet to be discovered”

This reflect to the life quest of myself who is always in search of the reason for the self existence “am I valuable to the world where I am living in?

Many times I am forced to find the answer to
the question “who am I?’ to exploir the inner self as an artist or an a human-being. I have been struggling to fill the answer clearly. In later life
I analysed myself that my art of work is about to search, question, examine, giving the reason, pursuing answers...