Versatility and Sustainability

Universe of Misora Nakamori


- Question of the overflown word ‘sustainability’: what should be the actual definition of it?

As a fashion designer, it is unignorable subject. Fashion industry is the industry, which creates the most waste and gives solutions to our mother Earth. "I consider the context of sustainability can’t be convinced only by the use of recyclable materials but it should be demonstrated from the fundamental issues. First, the life of garments that could stay long in a wardrobe. Second, consider how we can illuminate the waste and minimise the overproduction."


Beyond the must, each garment should be special to its owner/wearer , another way of sustainability can be performed by its versatility and transformability so the garments could function in many ways. 

More than using recycled materials, thinking of the lifespan of each items, many of our products are multi-styled. reversible, detatchable, transformable etc,...

Although it is still in the way to search the balanced place, maybe never exist such a place in our capitalised world but I already embarked....

These ideas are ever updating each collection.

"I created a brand of clothing but it is more than a sales channel to sell products but I would like to communicate and share the thoughts to exchange the ideas with people."