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Question of overflown word "sustainability" -What should be the actual definition of it?

The brand considers the context of sustainability can't be convinced only by the state of its materials used but the life of garments that could stay long in a wardrobe. Beyond the must each garment should be special to its owner/wearer, another way of sustainability can be performed by its versatility and transformability so the garments could function in many ways.

We are challenging to suggest multi-tasks in a single item.

It is a metaphor that transformable layers indicate the state of a person how an individual have become a self today through overlaid life-time events and experience.

The ultimate beauty can be found in a hidden place. The bunch of falling yarns on the face of the unique fabric, of our artisanal collections, is to be cut away as wastes during the process of producing the textile in the factory and they are usually on the backside. We found the most beautiful part of the textile on the side where it is to be gotten rid of. The experiment started to design and guess how the backside of the fabric would perform on the process, and we kept how it came out at the point before it was cut off.

Unique jacquard fabric designed by Misora Nakamori are produced exclusively for her brand by a former Kimono textile producer from Tokyo region, Hachioji-ori, where she was raised up at her childhood, one of the important regions for silk textile in Japan once in an epoch, followed by Nishijin-ori (Kyoto), Kiryu-ori (Gunma) although most producers are forced to leave their business today due to the shift of daily-wear to the western style. Misora Nakamori is partnered up with them to develop her prestigious textile by using the authentic technique to suggest modern style.

Unique footwear are made by an prestigious Italian artisan from Marche region for Misora Nakamori

Distorted spirits behind gives a spice in its elegance. Bold yet sophisticated details brought its depth in the vision that Misora Nakamori suggests.